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2 hours ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

Cant NC say if we are going to get 7.0 or go straight to 7.2 like we did in this patch ? Its kind of a big deal.

I would say its safe to say we're not going straight to 7.2. 7.2 is kind of a big patch in its own merits as it makes a lot of big changes, but we should be getting 7.0 with all the small patches like EU and TW did. Just my 2 cents. I would love to be wrong because 7.2 is pretty cool.

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NCSOFT Mission Statement

We will strive to NEVER listen to the customer or in no way follow what the majority of our players want. We will not have a clue on how to play the games we oversee and will make random inexplicable changes that make no sense and leave the community dumbfounded. We will not communicate with our fanbase more than once a week, ever. Once a week is more than enough for these degenerates. But most importantly we will try to grind out every dime we can from the fanbase while simultaneously making sure to nerf the game and make sure gameplay remains unrewarding and tedious. NCSOON

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