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Entry to Arena of Harmony/Discipline

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Arena of Discipline &  Arena of Harmony entries - @Cyan you really should read this...

Ranked competitions should be taken serious as they are just that; a competition.

Since these are ranked competitions and provide a huge amount of rewards many people are abusing these entries.  How about adjusting the rules for participation.

No one should be applying for the instance if they're not ready to participate nor should anyone be applying to abandon the entry once the instance is ready.

  • Applying automatically depletes an entry (Adjustments can be made for returning the entry when the instance closes and a player is still in que.)
  • Instance activation should be made to be confirmed first before any player enters - Cross server checks readiness before entering it should be possible to perform this for arena as well (When the instance pops each player can click enter and entry is granted when both have clicked enter else return the active player into the que for a new instance & remove the player that refused to enter from the que (The entry should still be deplete due to this behavior.)
  • Quitting mid-battle should be frowned upon - in order to prevent or deter Quitting this action should consume an additional entry or reduce the quitting points by an extreme amount - again this is a competition, wasting peoples time due to abuse of the system should not be tolerate, and purposely quitting to rob a person of points is a rotten foul.

These are simple checks easy to implement and extremely fair in regards to obtaining the generous ranked rewards - nothing to difficult for the dev team to adjust.  These minor adjustments would reinstate the competition to just that a real "Competition."

@Cyan I ask that you give this a fair read and consider suggesting these changes as well.  I ask this of you because I have no faith in this "system."   I never submit suggestions or ideas due to my belief that it simply does not work with this company.  This is a last ditch effort to place some sense of fairness in a system being heavily abused and having some sort of faith restored by a company that has been anything more than abusing entity towards its player base.

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46 minutes ago, MRchang-KT said:

Just remove rewards from competition rankings.


If the abuses of arenas can't be fixed, then just remove the rewards and only those that want a challenge or bragging rights will do them.

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56 minutes ago, Gracefullee-DN said:

ncsoft is just sitting at the desk playing around with the 7.0 code while they eat marshmellows and chocolates and s'mores they dont really care about us!!!

You mean BnS patch.  And Gideon is watching baseball at work. 

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7 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

If the abuses of arenas can't be fixed, then just remove the rewards and only those that want a challenge or bragging rights will do them.

Amen. Thanks Aly My sentiments on this matter almost exactly.

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