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Aion Legends of War is a mobile game. These are not the forums for that.

I haven't seen a down tick in server population in the last month or so. When 6.0 went live, there were far more people and I would expect that when we get 7.0 (unannounced at this point) the servers will be far more populated than they are right now. There are enough people around to get things done. Enough people at sieges to lag you. Enough people (or bots!) out and about to get the 10 player kill quest easily done each day. With the changes in crafting luna, I believe we will again see more people straight after maint than we do on Monday or Tuesday. 

Bottom line.. the player population is high enough to make the game playable.

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16 hours ago, Ereshgikal-EK said:

game still  alive and populated after maint? i saw alot of people playing now at eu im  planning to play aion legend

Gold Aion is also releasing their 4.6 EU server soon (sometime this summer). (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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