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NCoin Purchase Issue


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So i took a 6month break from this game,previously i had played for 2 years and spent large amount on ncoin and never had a issue.Come back to the game and apparently i have **exceeded my ncoin limit despite not making any purchases in 6months.


i contacted support and apparently i have triggered something called Risk management despite not making any purchases recently,and all previous purchases always being fine.I am also told by support they cannot override this feature.Their lovely advice was oh just buy it from Amazon despite me informing that unfortunately being australian i cannot purchase this item.


So please be aware that if you take a extended break this type of utter garbage may occur.The support in this game is terrible what sort of compnay has these things in place and how is any account a Risk when they havent been active or had in the past made many many purchase's hassle free.The ticket from support is hillarious.


SamYesterday at 14:11


Our apologies for not getting back to you sooner due to the high volume of tickets that we are currently reviewing.

In reviewing the purchase attempts, it appears that you have triggered our Risk Management security feature. Unfortunately, as we are unable to override Risk Management, the only suggestion we may offer at this time is for you to locate a local or online retailer offering the product you wish to purchase.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.


NCSOFT Support Team


This is the  best this company can do,so player beware about taking a break.

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I have a similar issue depending on when I have last purchased NCoins and which IP the system recognizes. Since I travel a few times a year, it gets triggered and I have to submit a ticket so they can extend my "limit". Never really had an issue though with support about it. They just asked me how long I'm planning to stay at my current location and after that it went smoothly.

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They can't override their Risk Management feature? I call BS on that. Often times Support will say they "can't" do something (i.e. "We can't award GP!") and it turns out to be a complete lie. Ask to be bumped to a manager. Tell them you are returning to the game and want to take advantage of the items in the BCM to level faster. Sometimes you just need to shake them a bit to get them to do their freaking jobs.

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I had the same issue when I came back to the game about 4 months ago. Opened a ticket with support, they responded in about an hour saying they removed the block from my account, and I haven't had an issue since.

I actually appreciated their concern that it could be a risk - I'd been away from the game for years and all of a sudden came back and purchased NCoins.

Seems like you already contacted support, hopefully it gets sorted out and you don't have any more problems.

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2 hours ago, Cyan said:

Hi neco, please look for an update from support on this matter. 

Thank you.

Issue finally got resolved,as i said to support though if this issue is triggered by player's using a proxy,i find it incredibly strange that my sister's account which had also been inactive,and share's our home computer and also uses a proxy did not trigger this *risk management feature*.And as to not using proxy's, if the game wasn't so laggy for a huge amount of the player-base we wouldnt need them.

Might want rework how the system works,cause if 2 accounts using same computer and proxy service,and only 1 is triggered bit of a flaw there.

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