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Why people playing classic more than 6.x version


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Yesterday I downloaded a private server client that I thought it would have a lot of people that server has version 6.2 and result surprising me because in entire server it has only 25 players playing xD
Comparing to another private (classic version 3.0) I used to play it has people every where it's so lively.

I said in my another thread that my favorite version is 5.x but I don't know why people like version 3.0 I don't like UI and character creation of 3.0,quest system,no mark mobs but I admitted I like AM/EF instances of 3.0 and kahrun daily/weekly also group raksang but other than that ? o_o I don't know quick sieges maybe try to prevent other side enter the eye ? Everyone gathering in Tiamatrantra and starting dueling ? that's silly ._.

Maybe skills were balanced in that patch I dunno or maybe it's not yet destroyed by AT,SW,Gunner yet.

I can tell that Demaha is a recreation of Tiamatrantra but is it enough ? no I don't think so because Q2 earning of NCsoft told us everything ;)
Or maybe just maybe 3.0 is a pve patch that everyone loved and proven that pvp is never majority market for Aion :P

https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Patch_Notes_3.0 3.0 patch notes for research purpose o_o

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I used to think that 7.0 new class was the answer how Aion will get people back but this proven how wrong I was.

That private server 3.0 don't have any new classes it has only 8 classes and yet it managed to have much more players than anywhere else.
Maybe it wasn't graphics improvement or new classes or skills upgrade we needed.We just need Aion that do exactly like 3.0 did.

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I play on a populated 3.0 classic server (maybe the same one I dunno) and what it has is Aion's rich and wonderful story that many of us fell in love with which got amputated with 6x. So ya, we put up with the less than perfect UI and Character Creation so we can take a trip back in time and immerse ourselves into a world we loved. 4x was my fav and I even liked 5x despite it's flaws.

It is for this reason I'm hoping that Aion will add or re-introduce more story to the game to replace what we lost. So I am looking forward to 7.0 and beyond holding out hope for that and other things which I won't repeat here (Y'all know what I loved about Aion and what I'm hoping for from my other posts).

P.S: Hoping this thread doesn't get pulled.................

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