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Is there a better PvP Gear than the Abyss AP 75?

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Thank you for your explanations. So I deduce:
1/ The Abyss 75 AP Set remains the best set for PvP actually
2/ I will suppose, as you explain, that they sell Abyss 75 gear because change character because on SL Elyos, Ahserion piece of gear does not exist (No one is more interested in the conquest of Panesterra)
Thanks again.

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75 Ap Gear is still the best pvp gear.

Reasons to sell is their have been many events lately where armor, weapon, wing boxes were acquired so perhaps allready having a full 75 set decided to sell the extra stuff acquired from events.  Some people even open these boxes and enchant them and sell them for more to make more kinah.


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