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Current Gear on 7.0


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I just have a few questions about our current gears on 7.0.

is it coming a new crafted gear?

What would happen to the one that we already crafted? would be upgraded or just useless?

What would happen to our current pvp gear? i have some legendary 15+, others 10+, 6+ and a few already ultimate.

thank yo.u

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Crafted T1 PvP gear are useful for extraction into fighting spirit fragments. You need lots of these fragments to promote T2 Genesis Crystal gear.

All existing aetherforging recipes continue to be available in 7.0.

It will need 10 Guiding Stones or Kibriums (6.0 material) to convert into 1 Magic Crystal or Alchemium (7.0 material) respectively.

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59 minutes ago, RagdoII-DN said:

- Yes, theres new craft gear, both PVP and PVE

- Actual crafted gear gonna be garbage

- +15 Legendary and Ultimate ~non craft~ pvp gear gonna be upgradeable to new PVP gear. Actual PVE gear gonna be garbage,



Actual gear pvp is one grade lower then 7.0 on pvp.

On pve has a new top set but pandora still been like now.

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