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Advice for returning player: best use of enchantment/genesis stones

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Just came back. Leveled  55-80, did the campaign and all side/camp quests. Gear gap is fairly insane.

I've used all my COE/Mirash runs and been carried through BOS and FM by some really geared people who can probably duo that stuff. Got 2 legendary accessories from that.  Other gear is still campaign/ancient.

My question is: what's the best use of my genesis/enchantment stones with 7.0 so close?  I'm not sure how much genesis PVP gear I can get to +15 before then even if I had the stones & no failures (lol). I'm not 100% on what's exchangeable or necessary for upgrading in 7.0, so should I just hoard everything til then?



P.S. What do I do with all this aether in my bank. thx!

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I would keep collecting Genesis crystals and enchantments and buy PvP gear when 7.0 drops. Just avoid PvP as much as possible now or realize that you are going to melt and don't let it bother you.

Also keep running COE/Mirash/BoS/FM and getting as much gear as you can. Probably wouldn't enchant any of that.


P.S. The aether is useless. I keep it around to sell on the broker to transfer kinah between characters. But that's the only use it has now.

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