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Your shop is terrible here's my advice how to sell more and make everyone happy


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First stop being stubborn and make transparent scrolls cheap already nobody will buy skins if scrolls ain't cheap.
Second put all skins in BCM and monthly you DISCOUNT SELECTION SKINS 50% AND PUT IT ON SALE.

Note : selection skins should be vote by players in game which skins they want most and you put discount on that month.

 That's how everybody happy that's how you will sell more.

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And one other suggestion: For those of us that are Asmodians please give us an option in game (not talking about character creator-know about it) for us to keep our manes if we want to with any new skin we buy. I know I myself will never buy a skin from the BCStore as long as I know it will force me to lose my mane.

Also you might consider bringing back the Pagatti Veyron mount(Dinosaur/dragon like looking mount with wings). I love this mount and all my current characters use it or the Flying Pagatti mount(which I know is available atm).

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