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CoE re-entry scrolls weirdness

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So one CoE re-entry scroll costs 140 NC coin in BCM, but you can re-enter CoE by using 80 lunas in game, which costs you 80 NC coin (normally). BUT there is a bonus in luna purchasing at the moment which is +10% in small purchases and go up to 20% in bigger bundles so lunas cost less than normally now making it even more affordable to re-enter CoE using lunas instead of the scrolls.

Re-entry with lunas gets progressively more expensive with the most expensive is the 140 luna... but with the bonus in purchases this is still cheaper than 140 NC coin.


Lastly I am not sure anyone is using re-entries to get more coe runs when you can simply use a lakrum geared lvl 80 alt char to get in there 4 free times and simply take the manastones (which everyone is after) and broker-trade them to your main.

If NCWest wants to make money, they better put CoE bonus entry scrolld like 30 NC coin or something then people might buy them and NCWest might make a tiny profit. Because I am not sure anyone would ever waste any money on a coe re-entry with this RNG in gem rewards and price to re-enter.

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I am not sure that the person that is setting the broker prices has any idea how to Aion, so I don't find the "weirdness" weird at all.

This goes right along with the event starting and the staff suddenly figuring out that the costs of the items from the event was too high for the number of possible item drops without doing resets. Either the people setting up the event for us didn't pay attention or they don't know how to Aion either.

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On 13/8/2019 at 6:31 PM, KonkersGG-EK said:

The only KIND OF logic explanation to this is that reentry scrolls can be used endlessly while Luna resets are limited to 10 daily. Even then, you don't need to do it more than 10 times per day to get two legendary scrolls in each character... so yeah! Unless you want all the rewards, then maybe...

You can re-enter as many times as you want with lunas, at least it worked like this in the past with all entries past 10 costing 140 lunas, unless they fixed it somehow. In any case I doubt anyone would buy reset scrolls because anyway you can only get 5x manastones per week and most likely you can do it with just 10x entries per day with lunas + the free ones.

OR as I said you can re-enter with a lakrum geared alt. If anyone does this event, itis for the manastones which are broker tradeable.

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