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Any Advice On Doing your quests in all peace ?

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yeah hey i was wondering if there is any advice on doing my quests in Lakrima (idk if i typed it wrong) in all peace beceuse everytime i wanna do my quests doing no harm a pack of bloodlusty Elyos players kill me and its starting to nyerk me off to be honest -_- so any advice ???

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set a translation macro that says you're trying to do quests, some will leave you alone.

But you also have to accept if you're in open world, you have a decent chance of dying.  You can minimize by doing quests in off peak times or you can just accept it's part of the game and tried to geared enough where you can fight back.

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Stay as close to guards and camps as you can. When you set up to start a quest, look around and plan your escape route. Change your chat to show all enemy buffs/attacks in red (or whatever bright color you want). As soon as you see the red chat, scoot back to your guards and hug them.

The thing is, in Aion we are all quest mobs. The enemy side has quests to kill so many of us. Sometimes it is hard for either side to find anyone to kill. So they find absolutely anyone that they can. Try not to take it too personally. 

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