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Dear NcSoon.


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Hello, I've played this game for about 9 years. Today I just open up about my thoughts,and my opinion from what i've seen, everyone has their own opinion i just thought i'd share mine.

We can all see that the game is dying, we've played it because we love our friends and we love the game in general, but if there is one thing everyone has noticed it that the company doesn't care as long as they get money. I've quit and quit again, always searched for another game but could never find a game that was like aion, aion was my go to game because i loved the play style and i loved the game in general. Aside from crappy events and bugs left and right, delayed patches, delayed everything. I continue playing because of what the game brings to me.Pretty sure everyone plays because the game makes them happy, and everything i say i mean.Today we had a rollback, terrible. I hate it i was leveling my vandal already and having a blast, i liked what i saw, i figured maybe i would stay on aion for once again because it seemed there was enough content to keep me going.But it was cut short, and people waited a long amount of time, i've seen players i haven't seen since 3.0-4.0, maybe, just maybe they would do something that could save the game, i was truly excited. That was my mistake.

Again something messes up and we're left with a roll back and more delayed time to play the game, No one is responding to the players, no one is taking the time to say what gone wrong, no one is doing anything. Maybe start a stream, talk about how it could be fixed, talk about what your going to do. 

Although we did only play 1 hour of the patch, i did love it. A lot of players were also happy that they got transforms and other items they had wanted for a very long time, only to have them taken away. Its understandable as to why it had to be rolled back BUT to just address one player who asked what will happen? simply reply with "Everything will be reverted". That is cruel.

At least confirm that they get compensation for it. Although they didn't pay for it or something like that they did get it, and they did lose it for a bug on your guys part. We need someone talking to players, no one can hide behind the wall. This community has been through hell and back and somehow still pushes through to play YOUR GAME. Stop ignoring players feedback even though you say you get it and are working on it. Because lets be honest. The game will continue to decline without listening. Thriving games listen to players and hear their cry, they don't let them suffer. 

- A small thought of a player xD

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