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What is the CAP of knowledge, power and precision?


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I am with this doubt because I want to finish my set maximizing the maximum my attack, some say 300 others 390, which is correct? ncsoft through a ticket said that you can not give me this information, and then someone else would have this information?
Thank you in advance!

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Im not sure about power and precision,as I used a gear calculator to count how much MB/Crit/Acc you get (For my classes)
For MB i ended up 510 knowledge for Songweaver, after 510 knowledge you only get 26 MB per knowledge stone HOWEVER if you want critspell cap, you're looking at +600
For Crit i tested multiple stones and got the most with 310 precision (Giving you 5k acc and 1.5k crit) and putting rest to power 295, giving me 1.2k attack. HOWEVER! even after 310 precision, i still got alot more than 19 crit (Old stones) for socketing precision rather than crit/composites.
On another note, I read on powerbook that the cap for knowledge will increase AGAIN in 5.8....so imo the higher you go the better xD
If you want to calculate for yourself, I used this site
PS: I dont know much about precision/power :( I might be wrong there ! 

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410 Power  

380 Knowledge (can go higher if you want crit spell over mb) 

330 precision for accuracy/ma

360 precision for crit strike

After these numbers it will probably be better to use a composite/yellow stone. Also only your bonus knowledge power etc count towards the "cap" not your base stats.

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