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Titania (100p) - gathering material (Pickaxe) costs 1 Stellium each

  • 42% Ancient Titania Gemstone x2
  • 21% Legendary Titania Gemstone x2
  • 7% Ultimate Titania Gemstone x2
  • 18% Ancient Titania Gemstone x3
  • 9% Legendary Titania Gemstone x3
  • 3% Ultimate Titania Gemstone x3

On average, each pickaxe yields:

  • 1.38 Ancient Titania Gemstone
  • 0.69 Legendary Titania Gemstone
  • 0.23 Ultimate Titania Gemstone

Lugbug gathering mission will take 4-5 Titania Collectors to complete.


If you are attacked while gathering, the gathering attempt fails and the pickaxe consumed will be lost!

Be aware of enemy faction players in hide status, waiting for you to start gathering and suddenly attack, resulting in loss of both the pickaxe (Stellium) and AP!


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