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AION Mobile App


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Wouldn't be nice if they would make a mobile App for AION that would allow you to:

  1. Access your inventory (enable you to sell/destroy items)
  2. Access the broker (e.g. buy and sell stuff from your inventory).
  3. Access to crafting/cooking/alchemy/etc (but items required should be available in your inventory).
  4. Trade items with other players thru mobile (would include the function of seeing your list of friends online/playing game/busy/etc.)

Just my two cents. I know this might never happen but somehow for me this would be really awesome.

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5 minutes ago, Arkadies-TM said:

Sadly this actually existed mostly... and then it just stopped being maintained by NCSoft:


Wow they made that app 7 years ago? There wasn't many people who uses smart phone during that year so I'm guessing lack of users prompt them to ditch the app. Wonder if they'll make it back, I won't mind paying for it.

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