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New map too big for NA aion


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here it is the 9th of september, tbh if ya cant find ppl to kill on the opposing faction in the new area then ya might not be looking hard enough. cause all i know is every time i go there to try and do the stellium quest i get kill by someone  mostly from the poco or team poco legion or whatever the hell its called, so i know there finding ppl to kill. i dont get over there very often to do the quests but every time i do to try and do them im dead  so getting to the point of just saying screw it not getting anywhere or getting anything done over there.

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It is defenitely harder to find enemies in the new map.

According to @TheSecretCowLeve-KT findings map is same size as the others.

So IMO i think the problem in Dumaha is the map navigation.

For example:

From lakrum base we have 4 teleports.

From stellia we have 3 teleports ( and 3 flights but those stop to be cool after u took then 200 times and just waste time)

In lakrum we have 5 windstreams

In dumaha we have 3 windstream

In both maps there are several geographic obstacles. But in lakrum we have like 8 geysers to help cross them.

Then at lakrum we have 9 artifacts that offer 2 or 3 diferent teleports and some can help us to cross the entire map really quickly, while altars just take us back to Stellia.

Return and scroll both takes us to lakrum base, in dumaha scrolls take us to outpost forcing us to lose time and take the same flight 50 times per day.

Idk about you guys but i feel OW PvP was better at lakrum.

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