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Jhyatsu play for fun!


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Greetings to all Aion Game players! Soon the legion "Phoenix Order" - level 6 / main player - Templar Jhyatsu lvl 72 (Brigadier) from the former Siel Server. The Phoenix Order has always been, and will remain, a legion of fun and entertainment. I want to leave a message for the players, because in the game, I am merely a simple player. Now in the world of reality, Jhyatsu has his personal life. Therefore, out of the game, all Aion players will continue to respect the same way. I'm saying this because there are "players" who can even "talk badly" or create "unwanted" situations in order to blacken another player's reputation. And that you can be sure that you will not see in the legion "Phoenix Order" and its main representative (account owner - name: Rogério Ramos) is associated with the link below. Good game everyone and hope to return to Help the Asmodians!

Rogério Ramos / Designer

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