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No Crown Prince Bobo Gift, Elsie's Gift, & Pixel's Gift for lvl 80?

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So I logged into each of my characters today and noticed something.  If the character was already level 80 they don't get the 3 quests & items nor the rewards for the Crown Prince Bobo Gift, Elsie's Gift, & Pixel's Gift quests.  Am I bugged or are these quests/rewards not available to characters that were already 80 once the patch hit?  If they are not available I'm going to be really pissed.


Can you confirm one way or the other on this @Cyan

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1 hour ago, SlAyeRr-KT said:

Think Lvl76 is the cutoff. You can't take those quest/gifts after that lvl.

The problem is one of the quests doesn't even start until 79 though.

1 hour ago, Lapis-DN said:

they are just features to help leveling up players, so you obviously don't need those rewards

I don't think its a bug, i think it was designed to be that way

The other problem is the rewards aren't really for leveling though.  You get minion contracts in those in addition to the daily mount box.  It just makes no sense for a level 80 character to not be able to obtain those rewards somehow.

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