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Fixed rotation on all classes


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Hmm after spend couple hours fixing all classes rotation I'll comment couple things :D

Aethertech - No chance to use charging skills at all,because raging wave becoming a part of punch rotation and I need to make sure pve defense is up all time.So I have to use punch rotation twice so no chance to use charging skills but I feel pretty good about it I never like charging skills anyway :P I just think this class has too many skills.

SW - I decided to give a chance toggle on magic attack buff skill because it's the way cheaper than farm heal boost accessories,test dpsing and switching to heal/turn off magic attack mode several times it's not so bad I can manage it and add SoD as first skill to use because I always forgot to use this skill.Yes cast speed is best transform for SW too.(Don't notice speed change with 5k heal stigma)

Chanter - Did same with SW toggle on off WoI because I think there're chances that I have to WoQ and spam healing life lol,haven't decided if I should keep WoL or an attack stigma yet but probably I'll take on WoL :) Even put Recovery Spell in rotation still run out of skills thanks to no dp WoW now.(Weave ? too lazy that's all I can say lol)

Cleric - After done test on SW I decided I'll keep SP dps/heal switching all time like SW and decided cast speed transform is the best.Anyway I don't have a problem to toggle on off dps and heal.

Sorc - Changed my mind about Aetherblaze and Vaziel's Wisdom and decided to use it in same time so their CDs would be ready together,put ice harpoon before flame harpoon still doubting if I should change it to Arcane Thunder but probably keep ice because I don't pvp.

SM - Nothing really changed from 6.5 day

Ranger - just equip out AA and put Sharpen Arrow in instead but everything else is same.

Sin - same as 6.5

Gunner - same as 6.5

Templar - Decided to put bloodslash as last skill since the damage is worst now beside that nothing changed and I equipped Incur Wrath to get pve defense while dpsing :D,decided to use greatsword permanently because it's more fun with punishment x2.

Glad - Put all parry and hp absorb skills as first skills to use before battle because low cd now and I oftenly forgot to use them.

Well mostly this thread just a note to myself remind me what to do. :)

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