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Do monsters drop anything?


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There are a lot of monsters. There is a new type of monster now appears on the map with a big special symbol. It is an elite that drops three transforms and a weapon every time (you attack solo). Clicking on the transform box give you a choice of about 10 transform options, which you should select depending on your class. The weapon is for your class. If you are in a group, the loot is not duplicated to all players. The respawn time seems to be 5 or 10 minutes.

One time I torpedoed a L45 monster of this type from an L80 character. It disappeared in one attack with no loot.


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47 minutes ago, Elroy-DN said:

neither the lakrum nor the new map gives me anything the monster when I kill him, I would like to know why and if it is me or it happens to everyone


Yes, it happens to absolutely everyone.

Mobs under lvl 80 in Lakrum/Demaha drop nothing.
Mobs lvl 80, but part of quests (weekly, repeatable, daily, etc), drop nothing.
Only the lvl 80 mobs in Lakrum and Demaha that are not part of quests drop loot (crafting materials, white armor pieces to sell, white potion bundles and, ofc, the garbage that auto-sells when you hit "Sell All Misc." in the seller window). There's not tons of them, but at certain spots there's quite a few bunched up.

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NCSoft's plan to stop botters abusing the game by farming = "delete the game so they can't abuse it".

This is what they have been doing so far, they killed the trading ability and made botters richer by snatching off broker trading from legit players because abusers will abuse anything possible and they are faster at buying from broker, or making most things untradeable and putting big broker fees created a lack of kinah to everyone so now the botters can sell their kinah easier because people need kinah and can't make it, something botters simply continue to make.

Now they are deleting loots from 90% of the mobs, so we the real players will only kill mobs that we need for quests (cause what real player is going to sit 5 hours in one spot killing mobs to get mats anymore), aka no drops, while the 24/7 farmers will simply go to a spot where mobs drop loots and this way they will monopolize the material market.

GREAT job NCSoft

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