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Fixed damage buffs and pvp stats.

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Look for skills that does "ProcATK_Instant" (not case sensitive)

Most of these skills deal magical damage. Normally they are affected by Magical Attack (thus PvE and PvP attack when applicable). But Magical Attack is meaningless for most physical classes when their (Magical Attack + PvE/PvP Attack) <= enemy Magical Defense.

For the skills that don't (target_relation_restriction = "friend"), I added "Not affected by MagicalPowerBoost" for skills such as Divine Fury (Reroute Power before 6.0).

Edited by TheSecretCowLeve-KT

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That is interesting. In the case of gunslingers, you really don't do any damage in pvp when pressurized chamber is not on. It seems that the buff does more damage than the skills you are throwing. It makes sense because the value is higher than most pistol skills. 

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