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Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019


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so much for 5.x style events @Cyan ha didnt you realise every event you ever did in 6.x was dogsh!t and we asked for 5.x style events which was confirmed by gideons voice on your stream, now you made the events like 5.x where you can use alts and you say its a bug and revert it? yikes hope the 10th anniversary events are better!!!!!!!

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what's your problem? Does anyone at Staff play this shit at least? knew that the game economy is broken, we have nowhere to farm kinah without being 24/7. You guys are a shame for the game, it just makes us gamers angry, going for 10 years and you are not valuing who keeps this game alive. It's a shame really, an excellent event where a lot of people came back to play, again will stop. Congratulations again NC.

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Please, I am asking with complete sincerity: what was the reasoning behind this change?

I've actually enjoyed this event, and made more progress in one week than I would have with months of grinding in 6.X; the only thing that would have improved it further would be making the coins tradeable and able to be stored in the Account Warehouse, which many of us have requested. Instead the decision has been made to make Cauldron Coins entirely character locked? As if it hasn't been bad enough opening my daily box and getting untradeable resources like Ultimate stones, fragments, Daevanion boxes, and contracts on alts- now we can't even trade the coins to select our prizes?

People were happy, active, and making progress. The economy was moving around for once. Transparent scrolls are readily available. This is probably the best event we've had since the flower farm, and you're doing your best to ruin it all.

So yeah, I'm asking- why? 

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55 minutes ago, Cyan said:

  • An issue where Cauldron Coins could be sold on the Trade Broker will be fixed.

@Cyan Can you explain the decision on taking this away? The majority of the population used Broker-Trades as a way to get enough Cauldron Coins from their alt characters to buy the items they wanted from the Event NPC if they were not able to acquire the proper amount for the items they wanted from their single main toon. Taking this away GREATLY decreases the amount of people participating in this event and even more so, decreasing community morale, yet again.

Suggestions from the community abroad:
Make the coins tradeable or shareable through account warehouse.
Raise the drop rate RNG for Alchemic Essence in bags looted from instance bosses.

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1 hour ago, Cyan said:


  • An issue where Prestige Pass was not providing up to 12 character slots will be fixed.

So qualifying for the Vandal bundle is still being extended another week so Prestige Pass holders can make a Vandal in one of the extra character slots?

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