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When The New METEORITE SHOWER Events hits N.A. Aion Servers ?


Attention! A glowing meteorite shower has descended upon Lakrum and Dumaha, revealing a hidden entrance to the Secret Hellpath. Explore the region and be rewarded with the Mysterious Weapons Selection Box of the Dark Dragon King, the [Rune] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types), the [Rune] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types) as well as the [Rune] Box of Lucky Kinah!

Inspector Snoopinerk had the task of investigating the cosmic rock, but then he came across the opened gateway to the Secret Hellpath. In doing so, he made a terrible discovery: fearsome monsters are now trying to stream into Atreia and there’s only one who can stop them. You!

Here's how it works:

Help Snoopinerk and save Atreia from certain doom!

Defend Atreia against the monster invasion for 20 minutes. While you do so, use the Energy of Protection that you attain for defeated monsters.

Make use of the event currency to improve defensive abilities and build defence weaponry.

A successful defence will let you return to Snoopinerk with an investigation report.

Complete a further quest and take the [Rune] Orichalcon Hammer for yourself.

Use the [Rune] Orichalcon Hammer to destroy the scorching glowing meteorites to be rewarded with the [Rune] Glowing Meteorite Bundle.


A complete list of all rewards can be viewed here.

Note: The instance can only be entered by players between levels 76 and 80.


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19 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

This is really misleading. We have no idea what our list of rewards will be.

our reward list would be like, normal transformation contract, ancient transformation potion, no pvp stones, no fragments, no weapon box, nothing, we are on NA, they don't care about the players.

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