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Hi there @Cyan,

U guys have outdone yourself this time... 

U've done 2 things on maintenace. 1 everyone is talking about it( coins no brokeable, I kinda agree if they were ACCOUNT TRADEABLE , but if they arent u shouldnt mess with this.) But that for me isn't the major screw up.

U said on stream that we would have 13 SLOTS, and along the way it has been changed to 12 without any explanation whatsoever. You take 2 WEEKS TO FIX IT and change it. U could say, sorry we made a mistake we can only add 12. Anything... but u say nothing... I guess EU had this bug(12 instead of 13), they said that they would fix it(dunno of they have fix it or not) and they had 12 slots from day 1...

Sorry to say this @Cyan but ncsoft should grow up a little bit( wanted to say some balls but that would be disrespectfull) and asume things once in a while... you change stuff and hope ppl wont notice... shame...


My "tantrum" isn't about the change from 13 to 12, ofc 13 is better, it's about how you handle it...

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