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Looking for some glad tips


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Morning people!

I've been playing a lot of glad since 7.0 came out and decided to make her my main toon, but was struggling with some info.

What Stigmas are the best serio for pve and pvp? (Considering I have no extra slot opened).

Pvp wise: polearm or greatsword?

Also: wich purificaction order would you suggest? Right now, I've purified Weapon and boots.

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Stigmas for pve is personal, for me personally I decided that for pve I like to focus more on single target DPS so I run earthquake wave, lockdown, sharp strike, draining blow, sure strike and Draining sword.

You can also switch to aoe spec, changing sharp strike, sure strike and draining sword to exhaustion wave, severe precision cut and whirling strike. You’ll output a lot more DPS in groups of mobs but be slightly lacking in single target DPS boss fights.

For pvp, I’d personally use great sword because of the faster attack speed, but if you go for PA you won’t have any competition for people trying to get a combine except other glass. 

As far as your order to upgrade stuff, it’s usually weapon first then boots because of the run speed. Then I like to go to for the biggest pieces first. Wings, chest piece, necklace, helmet etc.

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