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A Humble request to NCWEST


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Dear Organisms,

Long have you been my heroes.I wonder if you could take a second to help with something important.

I'm a budding entrepreneur. I'd like to  take a product--say, baby seal meat waffles-- that has  proven to sell successfully, and through mismanagement or neglect, make it worse. I will then sell this to customers.

I'd like to have a group of customers I can mislead and misuse without risk of them leaving. It's OK if some of them are ill, or veterans, or rely on the game as their primary social interaction.  I, however, will not interact with anyone. If possible I'd prefer not to actually learn anything about my product or its use and sale. 

I've already rented a domain for my faux forums, and for bread and circuses I'm planning to emulate your insidious Matryoshka doll events (1 in 6 chance to get a 1 in 6 chance for a key for a small chance at a single coin you need 20 of to buy anything- (pure genius!)). I hope you don't mind.

I guess, what I'm really asking is: Can I see NCWEST's internal data for AION whale spending habits?



Just a guy trying to make a buck,



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