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Question about Pandora Quests

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Hi everyone. First of all, I haven't spent time nor effort on pandora questchain on NA, 'cause I want to know something first. I used to play in EU - there, I completed everything to get ulti pandora set and weapon. But I'm no longer playing on EU because... reasons.

Anyways, my question is: is it worth, now in 7.0, to get pandora set? Currently, I'm not geared at all - just a few ancient pieces from BoS. What should I do?

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Thanks guys :) somebody also gave me a few hints about 7.0 gear and pandora sets are definitely lower compared to them. However, I think I'm gonna do the quests anyways. I'm kind of a collector and I feel a bit of nostalgia for my EU character, which is fully pandora geared.


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