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afk players in dredge/evergale/fort coilations


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I have used Quick Entry for everything for the past few years of playing Aion, so here's some advice and insights I have picked up along the way.

1. Realize that there will always be selfish and stubborn players that think only of themselves. Some can be helped, but most will be resistant to change. Don't stress yourself out over them. Find the players that are willing to help, be nice to them, and always reciprocate any good deeds done for you.

2. Never demand anything from others. Whether they realize it or not, gamers have fragile egos; being belligerent will only foster resentment among the group. Also, no one likes to be bossed around. I hate QE'ing into a group and seeing "PASS LEAD" or "NO AFK" being spammed across my screen. I had no intention of AFKing, but if I see someone barking orders at me even before I've had the chance to do anything, it automatically makes me WANT to AFK just to spite that person. Don't scream for heals. Don't demand mana. Don't pass blame if you don't get Bodyguard in time, if someone breaks CC, or causes a wipe. If you need or want something done, ASK for it nicely. "Can you please help me with this mob?" "Please heal." "SW, may I have mana?" Remember to say "Thank you." People tend to be nicer if they feel they're being appreciated.  

3. Be kind to EVERYONE. Aion's player base is diminishing. The people you run into that you've never seen before are likely just another player's alts, and yes, this applies to characters from other servers and factions. That person you just killed and spammed a nasty message to? For all you know, s/he has an alt on your server, on your faction, and you just pissed her/him off, and they've vowed never to work with you again. It's a small world in Aion, so don't go around making unnecessary enemies. This is especially true now that we are consolidating into two servers. I already have a list of people I'd like to avoid, and this is just from bad encounters in Quick Entry, but we're all being lumped together. Try not to hold any grudges if you can, you'll only hurt yourself in the long run.

4. Be the change that you want to see. Sometimes all it takes to get other people to stop AFKing is for them to see that someone in the group is active, so go out and play the game. If they see you trying, they know that they'll at least have someone else at their back, so hopefully they'll get up and do something as well. If not, it still doesn't hurt for you to try.

5. Take note of the people that help you, as well as the ones that don't. This goes back to my first point about not letting the bad apples get to you: remember them and stay away from them when you can, but if you inevitably get stuck with them (and there are times when you you will get dropped in the same group again), put your differences aside momentarily, and work together. Better to have a few minutes of unpleasantness and to get your objectives accomplished than to be petty and get nothing done.

Lastly, it's just a game. If you lose an instance because of AFKers, just let it go. You will always have another chance again in the future.

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^ A+++++++

Even if something happens and you know for a FACT that it is one specific person's fault, do not call them out on it. It won't change the past; the mistake has already happened. Chances are, the person realizes it and already feels bad about it. If you don't think they realize and are afraid they might do it again (if it's a more-than-once possibility thing), you can KINDLY point it out. "Not sure if you know, but you have to back away from Kromede during her skills. :)" "If you can, please don't afk so we have a chance at winning. :)" Show you're not mad. I add a smiley face to pretty much everything I say, so that people realize I'm just trying to help.

As mentioned above, it's just a game. Yes, afkers suck when it hurts the whole group, but you stressing yourself out is not going to change it. It will just make you unhappy. NCsoft has already stated they will not ban afk players since they switched to free-to-play years ago. This is just the way the game is run.

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