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BOS- Stuck


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I've been trying to find answers or a guide but can't seem to find anything. 
For the past few solo BOS I have done, I've been getting the 2nd Floor key from the initial mob. I manage to get 3 bombs from the 2nd floor and 3rd floor but am unable to find the key to the 4th floor. I swear I've killed and looted every mob, finished all the missions inside BOS etc but still no 4th Floor key (which I believe is needed for the last bomb as that's what I am lacking). Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.

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Pretty sure you only do 2 floors before heading to the first floor for the boss. You either get the 4th floor key or the 2nd floor key from the initial mob (random), and both lead you to the 3rd floor where you get the key to the 1st floor. The last bomb is given to you by the mob on the first floor right after the gate.

If you're getting stuck on the 2nd floor, it's because you need to start the "bonus" quest leading Timoni to his friend.

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1 hour ago, Michelly-DN said:

Even if we successfully complete the "bonus" quest leading Timoni to his friend, we are still stuck inside the instance.

I never did any additional bonus quest for there, and out of 10 times 9 were workable, the one time BoS was stuck was when the first mob I killed in the stairs didn't open the door, so I could do nothing but leave. I am not sure which quest this is. Just don't do any quests in there if it bugs the instance. BoS was always buggy.

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A small BoS guide :

1) Kill the mobs in front of you, the door to the stairs will open. Then kill all the four Balaur mobs and you'll get acces to the bridge, and a cutscene starts (I do not recommend skipping the cutscene, because then you will have to wait anyway for Bastiel to appear and somehow it takes longer if you skip).

2) You wake up in the prison area. Wait for Bastiel to appear and break the door open. Then kill the key keeper mob on the stairs. You either get a "Second Floor Key" or a *Fourth Floor Key". According to this you have to go either on the 2nd or or the 4th floor and open the door with the key.

3) Your first mission will be to rescue the imprisoned Daevas (there are 3 of them). Whatever floor you are on, kill the mobs guarding the doors to the jail rooms to get inside. Then either break the cages with your skills or use a "Jail Key". You can get a "Jail Key" from Balaur Captain mobs in the area.

4) Once all the Daevas freed (and only after that, otherwise it bugs) you will have to move to the third floor which contains three elite mobs that keep the bombs + one boss between the floors. You shall not try to enter by the main stairs since from there the door to the 3rd floor will be always closed from outside. You must use a passageway between the floors guarded by Gazing Ashulagens. Kill them before they cast alert otherwise it makes 2 additional mobs spawn. If you were on the 2nd floor, you fill find your first boss on a hidden mine area between the passages (to the left). If you were on the 4th floor, your first boss will be on a round platform between the passageways (also on the left). Once you killed this first boss and obtained his bomb, youh ave to move on to the 3rd floor and kill the three remaining bosses that will give you the three remaining bombs.

5) After that another key keeper mobs appear guarding the exit from the 3rd floor to the main stairs. Kill him and the door will open and you will get the "First Floor Key". Go down to the first floor and kill two mobs in front of the door. Open the door with your key and get inside. Inside you will find 4 generators you have to destroy. You can do that by using the bomb on them. The generators are guarded with two mobs each but you can skip them since you can use the bomb from around 30 meters distance from the generator. Just come a bit less than 30m from a generator, select the generator and use the bomb from your inventory.

6) Once all the generators destroyed, the final boss - Enraged Mahorosh will appear in the middle of the area. Kill him and loot the chest behind him.

That's all. :) I hope it's clear. There are also at least three additional missions: a) on the 2nd floor - help Timoni free his friend which is situated next to the first bomb boss in the hidden mine, b) on the 4th floor - help a crazy captive find his lost orb (it spawns in one of the cells), c) on the 3rd floor - free imprisoned spirits. I did not find doing these missions improves the reward you get in the end so I just skip them. It is however much more important to pick the quest in Lakrum's main city related to BoS. This quest gives you 1 PvE enchantement stone as a reward and allows you to take 2 weekly quests each of them giving 3 PvE enchantment stones (= 6 per week in total).

Have fun :) 

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