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Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

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On 10/7/2019 at 11:03 AM, Aly-DN said:

I can understand that. 

I would suggest Guild Wars 2 to you as an alternative to Aion. The scenery is jaw-droppingly beautiful. You can play totally alone if you wish. You never have to set foot in a dungeon. You can just play and explore and do the campaign quests and farm bosses (don't have to be in group for loot) and craft decent gear. You can PvP whenever you want to. There are areas with flight as well.

Or you could try a single player game. 

Aion in it's current state isn't for you. So don't add to your stress.

They need to make Aion Offline (like guild wars) lol, with all the maps we used to love. When they killed Verteron to Eltnen they murdered the game and the lore for early leveling. The maps also made the game the game. along with others that have since been ripped from the game. It just doesn't feel like aion online anymore. 

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I'm enjoying the RU private servers actually :)

decided to try one for the first time couple of weeks ago and the experience has been great so far!

they got 3.5 recently and thousands of people are playing!

(max lvl60, only the classic 8 classes, no gunner, sw, etc. Sarpan is the end game map)

very classic grindy experience ^^

if you are anywhere in EU and you feel nostalgic definitely give it a try xD 

they even got some koreans playing there! LOL


on NA I just log in to check what they got after they release a new patch... and that's it

I leveled up a painter... I got to demaha... I saw I can't kill any of the mobs there with the campaign quest gear and I said: "oke, I'm out... see you next patch"


I will give 7.5 a try whenever it comes out... but I highly doubt it can keep me for more than 3-4 days...

while the classic Aion... it just keeps you going... even if it's 10 years old game... 

you can definitely tell why it was so successful


(P.S you know the russians mean business when a single server can handle 5000+ people playing simultaneously on the weekends xD LOL)

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Weird feeling that Im having everytime i log into aion.

Although not even playing much, like once a week, if not less, when I log in, I look at the map, look at the people online, look at the things to do...

And then I think about 5.8... and how I miss it.

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