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I am having problems with this quest. Can someone please post screenshots. 
NC should fix this quest.  What the hell are we to spend an entire day play time of two hours trying to figure out this shit. 

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Not saying that it has not changed now but from my experience helping 20+ players with this issue it has been 100% human error every time. There are 2 different traps in your quest inventory(or maybe it was the normal inventory i forget exactly). Players end up trying to use the wrong trap at the wrong area so it does not work. 

@Jihunif you are still having issues press every item in your quest inventory and it should work.

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I did this quest on some of my alts and never had problems with it. You get 2 kinds of traps in your inventory - tipolid trap must be used where all tipolids are, it’s near the outpost, drake trap must be used near drake farm entrance. Make sure you are using a correct trap first and if it still doesn’t work, try to move around the spot a bit.

Also, you don’t have to spend “days” to figure out how to do this quest, it’s not mandatory and not even a campaign quest.

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