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B & C minium and bronze silver Cubic

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I'd keep Bronze and Silver cubics because they might require more levels at a later time.

As for Minium, you're meant to upgrade and combine your Cs, then upgrade and combine your Bs to make As. Once you have all 5 minions (which, after 2 years, most people still don't have), you can rubbish them ofc. Or keep in storage in WH or wherever.

There's already some newer minions since the fist main 5, but it's unlikely we'll get them because they're Made in Abyss characters (Riko, Rega, Nanachi and Maruk) and they're simply cosmetic copies with the same skills as Sheba, Kromede and Modor and with slightly higher passive stats. Those, specifically, probably fall under the same category as the Hello Kitty skins and mount, however I wouldn't exclude the possibility of some other minions to be added... eventually. Bind, para, undispellable silence, fear, sleep... I'm sure they can come up with something. Having some spare max-levelled Bs to combine to obtain them, if and when they're added, sure wouldn't hurt.

Ofc it'd be nice to have a way to convert lower grades of minium into higher grades but we can't have nice things.

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14 hours ago, Capa-KT said:

Having some spare max-levelled Bs to combine to obtain them, if and when they're added, sure wouldn't hurt.

Really good advice, thanks. I'm only missing Sheba and don't really care about her since her XP skill is the same as Kromede, so I think I'll just save my level 4 B ranks going forward.

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4 hours ago, Liiny-DN said:

n-new minions?!

I hope they don't need to be maxed to be able to get them..... if yes we need better ways to get A minium.

Yes and yes. With the current rate of A minium, if you did all your pve since 6.2and didn't reroll since then, by now you would be almost done with maxing out 3 to 5 minions, however that's only enough for a couple fuses depending if you want to use 2, 3 or 4 per fuse. But obviously if it fails you lose your minions you spent over a year working on, and if it succeeds you can also get a minion with a specialisation that you or your class doesn't even need. s:

A bit of an odd concept they came up with... 10 new minions obtainable only through fusion. And a timely cash shop "event" giving rank A contracts and minium simultaneously, lol.

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