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Avon keeps disconnecting.

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I sit right next to he router and the most I've gotten  before I have to log in again is 1 hour and 35 minutes. When I change rooms or sit outside of the room I get 30 - 45 minutes and when I sat outside I got 6 minutes. I don't use ping reducer and I don't have anti virus on I just have windows defender. This has been my third day after coming back from a break. I think I used to get longer before the break. I don't know if it's my laptop (it has a i3 processor and falling apart a bit), the wifi or the servers.

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Do you get any sort of error when you disconnect? For example, do you get a pop-up window that says you have crash and offers to send a log file to NCsoft? (Commonly referred to by players as "sendlogging.") If so, that's an Aion problem. Or did you get a pop-up that says your have been disconnected from the server? If so, that is most likely a problem with your internet although it could also just be a random server disconnect.

Also, are you actually doing things in game? You cannot be afk from the game for more than 60 minutes or it will log you out.

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