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NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

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3 hours ago, Jaimie-KT said:

And again for the people in the back (and by "people in the back" I mean you, because your reading comprehension isn't amazing) I wasn't being rude or offensive.  I made a comment about your current situation that has been clearly upsetting you.  You've been ranting on here for a couple of days now, being verbally abusive to customer service, and in the end getting nowhere with it.  So yes, I would have started a new account and been playing the game I like. Also, I would be participating in the three events that are currently going on, and at least having fun while waiting for the situation to be resolved.

Also, I don't care how much money you make - generally the only people who care about how much money they make are people who brag about it on forums ;)  Might shock you, but I have a job that pays quite well and I'm very good at it.  So not to worry, no jealousy on my end regarding you and your family's riches.  Keep making that money bud!  And if you ever get your account back you can keep paying for the servers so the rest of us can play too lol.

but if you dont care why troll after i said my income?

since then all your reply contain some what Sarcastic.

if you dont really care why you even talk about my income over and over again? 

can you tell me reason? i didnt even emntion about you, i didnt even know you were looking at my threat from the beginning, why jumped in and being Sarcastic on your first post if you truly dont give a rats about what i make?

and you keep on saying i am p2w come and duel me in game i will make myself equal gears to duel you as long as  your are not  painter i will duel you.


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This thread has gone.. places and as such has been locked. Customer Support is the only place you'll be able to receive assistance with your account. 

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