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Skill Gears + skin INFO !!!

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1 minute ago, DevilNest-KT said:

U can't use weapons on luna wardrobe, and passive skills, like for example archadaeva skills boost on armor don't make any effect once inside the wardrobe

i mean vt armor passive skills, i have a vt armor to use but idk if i use my wardrobe the passive skill in my armor gonna disapear

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A skill that is imbued on an item is not lost unless you put another skill on that item or if that item is upgraded (like legendary to ultimate). This has been the case since 6.+ was still out.

A skill of an item via remodeling is only affected by putting a new skill on it via remodeling or by upgrading the item (hence removing the skill).

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That is no longer the case. When I upgraded my ulti T1 staff to T2 the void dragon skill stayed on the weapon. I can't say if the luna wardrobe will conserve the skill with the skin however. I guess someone will have to take the risk and test it. Or we can hope for a concrete answer from the GM's.

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