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ATTN Devs: Prize Item Previews


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Would it be possible to get a picture of the skins or performance cards on the website?

A few times now you save up tokens from an event to buy a skin you find out was an old skin that used to be easy to get.  Or you save up tokens to buy an emote you don't really like once you see it

Now we have the anniversary card event with prizes that could inspire people to pick up a pen to join the contest but there is no picture of it.

Could we get some visual aids :)

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11 hours ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

@Vantheria-DN Where can i get the Laughing one?? the one i see in one of the shugo robots is blow bubbles emotion,Playing Dead, Cute Dance and Swing Dance but not the Laughing one.

Ah yeah I guess you're right. I thought the laughing one was in the npc too, but I guess not. Maybe they'll add it in the future.

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