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New type of weapons ?


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How about create some new type of weapons for people who got high ping and unable to switch weapon fast ? and the rest may interesting you.

For example

Gunner :

Cannon  Pistols : Can use both pistols and cannon skills with faster speed than cannon but slower than pistols lower mb than cannon but higher than pistols.

Templar :

Shield sword : Can use both shield and greatsword skills attack and more dmg than sword but lower than greatsword.

Glad :

Double scythes : combination of dual wield and spear faster than greatsword but same attack speed as dual mace.

Ranger :

Double crossbows : ranger version of sin dual wield,allow you attack faster than bow also low dmg but can weave 2 hits per attack.

Sin :

Katar : 2hand base attack speed 1.6 fastest 2h weapon ever sin version of glad's spear.

SW :

Electric Guitar : 19% attack speed and no cast time boost sw version of cleric dps staff.

Chanter :

Knuckles : Chanter version of dual wield.

Cleric :

Wand : Cleric version of harp combine with cast speed 9% + attack speed 9%.

Sorc/SM :

1h staff : Lower MB than tome allow to use some kind of defense items for sorc/sm.

AT :

Auto switch : allow you to use auto charge skills with 19% attack speed and lower MB than keyblade.


That's all my idea for now :)

Just think this will make aion more interesting,,thank you for reading.







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Yeeeeeaahhhh, how bout no.

I mean I love the creativity and the thought but no thanks. Besides NA has nothing to do with creating weapons or anything for the game. If you're serious over this, you need to contact the Mother Ship for even bringing this up. And I highly doubt it's as simple as you hope it be.

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new weaps are unnecessary, there are muuuuch more thing they need to focus and fix instead of this

btw more weaps would be so much pain tbh, I'm a cleric so I'm using 3 weaps (2 staff for pvpve and a mace to heal) if they'd give me one more weapon type (and ofc using 1 for pvp and 1 for pve just like I do with my staffs) I'd struggle so much, idians, manastones, enchantment stones/omegas,godstones, condition... it'd be just too much waste, we have weapons we can work with just fine

i love new ideas when it comes to gaming but... yeah, however... maybe it'd be intresting if they'd use these ideas in quick event instances

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