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Crafting, proc rating, daevanion, enchanting


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Can we ever think about bringing back the supplement type for things, and having proced recipes, and generally give people a more secure way of doing things at the cost of more materials/effort/money?

  • Crafting with proc'ed recipes: We had them in professions because trying to proc a recipe 100 times and still failing was never fun and it only hurt the game.  A solution would be to have a recipe for a proced item using 10 failed versions, yes even 10 failed version for a sure proc item sounds pretty good next to the situation we have now!
  • Being able to get somehow a selectable daevanion box, it doesn't matter the cost or effort, if it is a sure selection it is a goal for many people that 1 year later still miss a key daevanion skill for their class.
  • Supplements for enchanting daevanions already exist but you have to spend like 4000 luna to get one per day (aka spend 50$ in one day or it resets). That item could have been on BCM in a reasonable price.
  • Upgrading minium  to higher grade, 100 c-minium = 1 b-minium and 100 b-minium =1 a-minium, the ratio could be as bad as you want, whatever you do, c-rank minium is absolutely useless at themoment, c-rank minions as well.
  • Upgrading minions: upgrading 4 full evolved minions and still failing is bad, in the end giv peopel the ability to combine more than 4 for a sure higher rank still random if you want. whatever you do, this situation is madness.
  • NC codes that are broker-able in game, imagine the amount of money you could make if people could easily "sell" NC coin in game, that NC coin is money to your company, it doesn't matter who pays for it and who uses the code, them money is in your pocket.

I am not asking for free stuff, I realized why I feel bored of the game more than the past, it is because in the past if I was bored of sieges, or instances, or pve, I would go on aethertapping, then morphing, then crafting. People would take some time off the stress of the game trying to craft a skin from professions which was fun to do, hunt for specific materials, gather some,morph others and then craft. Housing is irrelevant now, there are like 1% of the items for housing left in game. Even skins are useless with the forced transformation system.


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