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Lakrum / Demaha mobs: What drops magic crystals, what are linked to quests

The Secret Cow Level

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With the 7.0 update, Lakrum and Demaha monsters that are used in quests no longer drop Magic Crystals.

Conditions for Magic Crystal drops: (All conditions must be met)

  • Lakrum
    • Not linked to non-event quests
  • Demaha / Dumaha
    • Has "drop" in the internal name
      • Note: Different monsters may share the same localized name e.g. "Firey Clodworm" for NA
        • LDF8_K_D2_Worm_80_An does not drop loot
        • LDF8_drop_K_D2_Worm_80_An drop loots
      • Not all drop monsters have spawn points (see the "level" column whether it has level code or not)
    • Not linked to quests
      • One case: Roaring Ancient Water Spirit (LDF8_K_D2_Elementalwater1_80_drop_An) do not drop loot becuase it is linked to quests

Please check the following monster lists (links) based on the language of your game client: (Use Ctrl-F to find by monster name)

Monster list is order by grade, then localized name, then internal name.

US English:


English (EU):


Traditional Chinese (TW):

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