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How i look at aion these days NC need some works on this issue


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since 6.0 until now i feel like playing aion is like  working  in aion i don't know  if people agree with it , everyday when i come on aion i have to do daily x999 ? to get the fragment for my pvp stone to enchantment my gears even tho i p2w   on event  like those cauldron coin we buy from broker on the first week , i got like 6500+ fragment  still not enough to finish my gear after i got my T2 set . with enchanting  specially when this game is  so  much RNG issue like example:

RNG for Crafting gears

RNG for Enchanting gears

RNG for manastone enchant

RNG for stigma enchant

RNG for enchant Deavanion skill


RNG for kinah from event boxes 

 pretty much everything in game is RNG  , after all that RNG by the end of the week our gear mite drop down where we started to enchant or even worse then we started.

When is NC soft really making shit easier for us to get fragment ? you guys can't expected everyone is gonna p2w  you have to make some sort of event give good amount of fragment  to let others catch up to the game ?  And the people that  are behind in this game for example new class how do you expect them to balance pvp with other class vs so much gear different if they got no fragment to help them gear up , there is only 2 way to get fragment one is do weekly trade in for pvp weapons to DE and other ways is grind mats to craft pvp gears to  DE them but both way  are so limited number and after a week when their enchant the gears once they fail enchanting do you guys know what it means? it means new player or new class will lost another week behind catching even though tehy are already 1 years behind on pvp gears .



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