Abusers - got their whole set upgraded free of charge within two weeks worth of abuse. They walk perma geared now and are untouchable. Legit players - we have been kicked without consent, we many times ended in losing games and got losing rewards, we couldn't upgrade our items because of the whole situation and now we have EC disabled, which was the best etium source. Right now the legit players walk with T1 ultimate items at best, while the abusers are perma geared. So the whole situation with the abuse and the disabling of the instance hurt ONLY legit players. IB gives only 1 ultimate etium
ID gives 4 ultimate etiums
AD gives 2~3 if the enemies are active and up to 5 if there are no enemies and there is a middle boss
Kamar gave me 2 ultimate etiums and is not resettable

EC was giving 6 ultimate etiums on 4-4 alliances and wining, best etium source and it is luna reset-able. ------------------------------------------------------ Until you guys fix the EC problem for abuses, might as well re-enable it and just disable kicking. And find a way to punish abusers. Make them pay for the free entries with luna or NC coin and if they don't have enough NC coin or lunas, block their accounts until they pay for that. If you can disable a whole instance, you defo can disable just the kicking ability.