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Asmos buff in KT


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I know when the faction is out of balance.. the weak receive a buff to help the balance. But right now there is a situation in KT, asmos has taken all forts and most of the time take the majority of demaha Altars.. the influence ratio is asmos. and they still have buff..

Can some1 explain this?


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Everything has a different buff and each is controlled by how many times something is taken by one faction. So if your faction takes Lakrum fort 3 times in a row, then the Asmodians will have a level 3 buff. Each time they take Lakrum fort, their buff will go down by 1. So after taking it, they will have a 2. After keeping it they will have a 1. If they lose it, the next siege they will be attacking with a 2. 

The buff for Divine is not effected by the buff for Lakrum. The buffs are different for each Altar. (i.e. If the Elyos take the 1st Altar 5 times in a row, the Asmodians will have a level 5 buff at that altar only.) The buff for the new fort is separate than any of the other forts.

It is quite possible for a faction to always have a buff at any of the actual forts. Remember.. the buff is a balancing device. It is meant to make a smaller number of the smaller faction feel like they are the same number of the larger faction. On DN, the Elyos have had a buff constantly since the buff was introduced.

It sucks to always fight against that buff, but it's better than one faction dominating another so hard that everyone in that faction quits.. which has happened in the past.

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