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Bring back rifting to Heiron and Beluslan please:)

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This will be a good way to re-visit old content and fill those maps with life for some time. Hear these thoughts:

1. Give people a reason to go back there. Say, kill 10 elyos or 10 asmos in the appropriate region (and around your level ofc course) and get rewarded. This can be like the Lakrum or Demaha kill quests but better rewards.

2. Disable kisking in the area for the enemy faction (e.g no kisking for asmos is Heiron). this will prevent lowbies from being camped for a long period of time. Lets face it tho, people won’t be seeing many lowbies walking around anyways.

3. Make rifting only available for an hour or 2 or at a few different times of the day. This will allow most people to attend and feel just like the good ole days. 

I hope you will take this feedback into account. Rifting can be fun if people choose to enjoy it again and bring back some old content zones to life.




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The very last thing I think of when I think of the "Good Old Days" is rifting.

Let people level quickly without having to worry about getting killed by those that want to feel like big men/women. If you want to rift, rift into Enshar and Cygnea.

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Rifting was fun at launch and for awhile after that. Then came along the things called "twinks", full +15 pvp gear so any fair fight for the average player was over and they tended to camp the areas where people would be trying to level and get quests done. Like KHQ, remember seeing them come in that area in groups wiping everyone. What I would foresee  happening is a asshat lvl 80 hanging around killing any low level new or returning players for "sport". Similar to shooting a rabbit with a .357 mag.

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Posted (edited)

Rifting was never good, those who wanted to rift were geared and ready for it and they were rifting in a leveling area full of people with white or green gear. Rifting died when the levelers were given an option to go to Fast Track server so twinkers found no easy pray to kill. Twinks never wanted to play against twinks, because if they did, rifting/twinking wouldn't die when FT was launched and it would still be alive at least until 5.8

High level rifting is obsolete when the end game maps are shared and it is like a constant rift pvp thing.

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