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Hello im posting here because i cannot upload my screenshots on the forums and how i would love to do so....anyone who knows how and can help me and/or post there own would be grateful i want this fixed immediately! PF,IDD,FM AND JUST ABOUT EVERY INSTANCE IN THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY!!! PEOPLE ARE SPENDING HOURS IN YOUR INSTANCES BECAUSE OF GLITCHES THAT NCSOFT IS REFUSEING TO ACCEPT EVEN EXIST BUT US PLAYERS SEE IT FIRST HAND!!!! FM BOSS RESETS FOR NO REASON AND SO DOES IDD AND PF BOSS!!!! PEOPLE CANT FLY IN THE WINDSTREAM IN FM!!! PEOPLE ARE GETTING HIT OUTSIDE THE AOE IN PF!!!!!! FIX THIS NOW NCSOFT!!!!! 

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Some of the instances are buggy, but some of what you are experiencing is just you not knowing how to Aion.

In FM, there are times when the boss seems to reset for no reason. Though mostly I am finding that it resets if someone dies. Not dying greatly reduces the chances that the boss will reset. Though it does occasionally reset even when no on dies. It's a good thing that the instance is so freaking easy now that a reset isn't really a problem. Just dps it again. As for the "flying" in FM. Make sure you put your weapon away, jump and double tap your space bar. I haven't met anyone that "can't" fly in the windstream. Just those that don't know how or are too much of a spazz to get it done. (Occasionally that's me!)

In PF, you don't get "hit outside of the aoe". You just ran too late. You have to be out of the aoe area when the cast reaches 50%. If you aren't, doesn't matter where you end up. The mechanics see you as inside. 

Try to calm down. Learn to Aion. And all will be well.

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