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motions and skins that should be back on the BCM


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[Motion Card] The Dragon's Set

[Motion Card] Red's Basket for Granny

Moon Rabbit's Picnic

Moon Rabbit's Picnic Hat

Aureate Picnic

Aureate Picnic Hat

Fairy Dress

Summer Sun Uniform

Frozen Aristocracy & Ornament

Modern Outwear & Accessory

im pretty sure these are all easy to put back on the BCM, skins/motions dont break the game, listening the community about it wont hurt, you guys put these up, we buy them. ITS A WIN/WIN.


if you arent able to do these changes, please, begging you, to foward these to someone who has the power to do so, again, its a win/win situation for the community and the economy of ncwest.

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My recommendation:

[Everything] That NCSoft promised they'd re-add to the BCM when it was initially purged during 6.2 but they lied and told us everything just needed to be transferred to the new system. Everything they only don't add back so that they can create artificial scarcity of good and encourage people to spend even more cash on the game when what they want finally shows up on the market for a week or whatever.

In case you couldn't tell I'm a salty mothernyerker about how this game is managed.

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