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What is your thoughts about Vandal Power?


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Hello GM
Thank you all for the hard work u do in the game...
but... Vandal Class is really very Overpower!!!!!
like I am in Legendary Gear and Vandal on Ancient Gear
they can kill me in 2 skills... not even trying hard.... whats the point of Gearing
if they gonna over kill us ~ its really upsetting and made the game inst fear on PVP..
Please Nerf the class... Please ~
I know you guys trying to make the class likable but its not fear for other classes~
Thank you ~

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It's a money grab, something created to force old players to start a new toon from scratch, and therefore spend lots of money on them, since they can't attract new players. That's why it's strong, otherwise it would be underplayed like pretty much every class created since 4.0.

They simply took the concepts of the necromancer from other korean games, and made it kawaii. Not much thought or originality, just straight out cheese all over.

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The main feeling towards vandal was that it was to make people roll a new class and to become competative in korea you need to spend money. The strength on release is similar to how they make all new classes strong on release but when they got nerfed they did another thing that they normally do, the new stigma tree for vandal after the nerf is the other tree that isn't as strong right now so it forces people now to enchant the black hole tree now then when the nerf hits you have to max the paint monster tree. but the big thing is there is little counterplay to the laser and when it gets nerfed there is a lot more counterplay to the class so you wont die like you do now to it.

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On 10/5/2019 at 6:08 PM, Cheesecake-DN said:

I love laser'ing things to death.

Me too Cheesy! And enjoying the Vandal sooooooooo much! even the PVP (can't believe I actually am saying that, but I am). Now when a cowardly mostly Super geared Ely comes to Lakrum and tries to Zerg me the tables do turn, and quite nicely as a matter of fact in my favor (Aieryn laughs sinisterly).

I actually made two of them. They're both level 80 now and still T1 working on their gear but one of my Vandals is Legendary +12 (working on getting her to +15 and still better gear) and can survive in Demaha now and I've been hanging there mostly (bet y'all can guess where knowing me, lol Flap, flap, .....). 

Oh I know the Nerf is coming but I hope they don't do to the Vandal what they did to my Sorc. That was a over the top Nerf they need to correct.

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