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Cake Drop buff does not increase Demaha Magic Crystal Drops by 50%

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As of drop rate testing data up to now, the difference between no cake drop buff and with cake +50% drop buff on Demaha mobs (eligible mobs) are as follows:

(No Prestige Pass)


Without Drop Buff

(949 eligible mobs)

With Drop Buff

(353 eligible mobs)

Ancient Magic Crystal 49.6% 52.1%
Legendary Magic Crystal 14.5% 17%
Ultimate Magic Crystal 10.4% 12.2%

The actual drop rate boost of Demaha Magic Crystals is nowhere close to 50%...

One thing changed from 6.0 is that eligible drop mobs can no longer drop two types of Magic Crystals (Ancient + legendary, Ancient + Ultimate, Legendary Ultimate, or all 3 at once) from the same mob.

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