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Was he targeting you when you went into hide? Did he unselect you and then reselect you? Did he attack you while you were in hide? (i.e. run right to you and do an aoe skill)

There are several bugs with hide that makes it look like someone has you targeted but they really don't. On his screen, he could have no one targeted. Screesnshots won't prove a see-on-hide hack. You need video showing what I asked above.

That being said, hackusations are against forum rules. If you think someone is hacking, send your proof to Support via a ticket. But I can tell you that you don't have enough proof. Not with just these two screenshots.

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I don't know what happened in this specific instance, but I know that there was a time about a week ago when you attacked me when you thought I was alone. Then you saw my boyfriend and went into hide not that far from us, so he just used his eye to find you again. Did you perhaps go into hide in front of the vandal, so they knew the general area to use an aoe and pop you out of hide that way?

Not saying the vandal ISN'T a hacker, but just saying that, like Aly mentions, there are a few ways they could be finding you again.

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i mean you're using basic stealth, maybe he had seed? but yea like @Aly-DN said sometimes it bugs out when they have u selected and u go into hide but in reality they don't have you selected. Did he attack u after this scenario? we need more info to actually decide if he's hacking or not.

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