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Is something ever going to be done about these IB problems?

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Kamar Battlefield has had similar texture glitches since its introduction somewhere in 3.x over 5 years ago and was never fixed. It's even less likely they will fix IB as it has the lowest rewards of any pvp instance. If there's too many complaints, Ncsoft would much rather remove it entirely and call it a day. Kinda like EC.

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10 hours ago, fearemall-DN said:

For example...

1. the “invisible box” that you get stuck in very often

2. the crashing

3. waiting 10 min if no enemy team...reduce this time?

Please do something. These have been annoyances for months!

Experienced all three on one window the other day. 1 run myself and both team members got stuck in the terrain at least once in the same run with one member three times. Only way out being forced to reblog or get killed. This is ridiculous to have been happening for so long and not addressed while ncsoft is more focused on tooltip descriptions that are wrong in the game. Another run all 3 on my team got the running shugo trying to enter which also seems to happen too often. I also agree about having to wait 10 minutes on an empty one is excessive. Just allow us to capture the enemy spawn and then auto end it. Idgel Dome has this same senseless mechanic.

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My ranger loses PVP Legendary wing inside IB. At that time i put PVP gear on. I just glide with that wings heading to the room for upgrade skill level. I clicked the statue, bought the skill scroll ... ok... (.....inventory window opened), at the same time IB was done and we won. So I clicked leave and back to Lakrum (with the dialogue still active behind).

I checked my inventory for the rewards. I saw my PVE wing jumped alone at the empty slots below. Curiously why? This wing should be lay at the slot line (auto arrange). To make sure, I changed to PVE gear than back to PVP again. I saw the slot should wing layover was empty. I saw at profile, my PVP Legendary wing slot is empty.

Gone! I missed you my wing.

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It's getting annoying... IB is so glitchy!! errrrrr... I submit a ticket and still waiting for their respond... 

I also exp the 3rd one and gave them alot of SS..  It's funny how you  have  premade group and the fight is so intense that when u have this glitch u have to relog and boom client crash then u gotta wait 2 mins for the client to start then its game over X'D #lifeofaion

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