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So apparently a lot has changed.....

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I haven't been on since like I want to say 2015....ish maybe later honestly it's been so long even I forgot I was logging back in to blade and soul and remembered this game.....As I was reading the forums a lot of people saying the salt is real since apparently we lost a few servers... which is fine it happens over time....is it truly worth it to come back though as a new character?...I hate bringing back old creations I forget about it makes me feel like a necrophile....

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Right now there is an event where new/returning accounts have a key in their inventory which unlocks a box in every instance that gives everyone in the party loot. click It's a nice event and gives current players an incentive to take new players to instances.

Personally I would start a new character since, as you said, so much has changed. It is nyerk easy to level to 80. It can be done in a couple of days even with casual play and can be done in a day of more hardcore play.

The game is still ftp. You don't lose anything but time by giving it a try again. Step in and see what you think. 

If you are looking for classes that are super easy and do decent damage with zero gear, chose a Vandal or an Aethertech. Or just play the class you like the most from before.

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